RSHE Consultation

From September 2020, it is a statutory requirement that all schools in England and Wales... 

Teach Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education (RSHE) as a fundamental part of the curriculum.

At Grovelands our aim is to provide effective, age-appropriate RSHE education that meets the needs of all our pupils within an inclusive and supportive learning environment using non-biased resources. Our experienced and skilled teachers are committed to giving children the skills, knowledge and values necessary to live and learn safely in the modern world.

RSHE will be taught using a spiral curriculum that enables pupils to build on their prior learning by revisiting some themes to further develop knowledge, values and skills in an age and stage-appropriate manner.  Some themes are repeated as children move through the school to enable a deeper exploration of the related issues.

We would like to reassure you that none of the teaching materials or strategies should shock pupils. All lessons will be taught in a strictly non-judgmental and non-biased manner to allow your child the opportunity to consider the information and develop their own values, attitudes and opinions about the topic. We would encourage you to discuss your child’s relationships and sex education with them at home. This is an opportunity for you to share your family values in relation to the topics, building communication about emotions, the human body and relationships with your child.

As part of implementing the RSHE curriculum, schools must consult with the children, parents, staff and governors to ensure there is a general consensus on our approaches to RSHE policy and curriculum content.

A Pupil Voice consultation has already been carried out by class teachers with children across all year groups to identify their key concerns in this area. These are:

Anxiety around having secure friendships
Perceptions of potential bullying
Anxiety about change and challenge e.g. moving to a new class or school, taking tests, answering questions and curriculum challenges generally
Issues around self-esteem and how pupils are perceived and judged by their peers in school, in lessons and on social media
From Years 4 – 6 concern about Puberty and Sex Education

These key concerns are incorporated into our RSHE policy (p2) and scheme of work to ensure we meet the needs of our children.

The consultation process will begin on Thursday 4th June 2020 and close on Monday 6th July 2020.

Parents, staff and governors will be asked to read our draft RSHE Policy, including the scheme of work with the themes which will be covered in each year group.

In order to provide feedback to this consultation, parents and carers have been asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire (now closed).

If you wish to carry out further reading around RSHE please use the following link to read the Department for Education Guidelines:

Department for Education Guidelines Website

If you would like to know more information about our programme of relationships and sex education, we will be inviting you to attend a parent’s information session as soon as we are able to safely do so. In the meantime please familiarise yourself with the RSHE policy and read the ‘Top tips for talking to your child’ available below as PDF documents, as well as completing the online survey.


RSHE Overview

RSHE Policy

Top Tips for Talking to
Your Child


This consultation is now closed. The outcomes of the consultation will be reported to Governors and shared with parents in September 2020. This information will inform how we proceed with developing good RSHE education at Grovelands. Thank you if you participated in this consultation.

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