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We hope you all had a fantastic summer holiday. We are feeling refreshed and so excited to start the new academic year off with ‘Noble Knights and Colossal Castles!” We are really looking forward to seeing your wonderful castle designs too.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you all at the “Year Group Welcome Meeting” on Thursday 20thSeptember in the year 2 area at 9.05-10am. Biscuits and cakes will be provided!

If you have any questions please feel free to email us or contact a member of the year 2 team and we will do our very best to help.

Our topic and areas for learning this half term.

We will be looking at the texts Knight Night and The Knight who took all day throughout our topic.

Another related text you could read with your child at home is The Knight who wouldn’t fight. This has some lovely rhyming language to explore.  In addition, you could look at some non-fiction books on ‘castles’ so your child can find out some amazing facts about castles!

Pop down to your local library and check them out!

Bodiam Castle trip

  • 2JH and half of 2NH 10thSeptember
  • 2NB and half of 2NH 11thSeptember

We will visit Bodiam Castle to learn more about life in a castle.


Looking at maps to locate castles in our locality and exploring the features of a castle.


Children will be learning about a timeline of their own life and timelines of historical castles.


We will be experimenting with colour mixing using different paints and exploring different textures and patterns which would be suitable for a castle.


In science we are learning about the properties of materials and exploring simple investigations.


We will be exploring e-safety and communication.

Maths and English

Maths and English will be taught daily. English will be made up of phonics, guided reading, handwriting, spelling, grammar and a range of writing activities. Maths will include weekly objectives (See the maths section for further details).

Additionally we will do times tables, fluency skills and practise the skills of each child’s level for the 99 club. Children are not expected to reach the 99 club until they are in year 6.


Although your child’s reading book is changed once a week, please remind them, as we often do, that they can take a book from the free choice area or even read a book from home!

Growth Mindset

Our whole school learning power for the autumn term is Engagement and our character that represents that learning behaviour is the wide-eyed owl, called Barney.

Barney Owl

I come in to school each morning ready to work.
I know what ‘good listening’ looks like.
I can listen to my teacher and my Learning Partner.
I can concentrate on my work until I finish.
I enjoy learning.
Barney Owl

Learning Behaviour in Year 2

Each term we focus on a different learning power. In Term 1 our focus is Engagement and each class has worked on a set of class rules to get the best out of every day. Our learning partners encourage and support our ideas and we are aware that mistakes are part of the learning process.

Our motto is:

It’s ok if you don’t know
But it’s not ok if you don’t try!

Making mistakes help us learn and thoughts help us grow! Encourage your child’s Love of Learning by getting them to explore their thought bubble ideas!

Remind your child that: “I can’t do it,” does not exist. Encourage them to think,

“I can’t do it…. Yet!”

Each week the children will be randomly paired up with a new learning partner. This helps to develop the children’s relationships with their classmates and ensures that all children are involved in whole class discussions.


The children in each class have agreed some class rules. This helps them to keep their name on the ‘green’ area of the class behaviour chart (green is good!) Also each week a child from each of the year 2 classes will be chosen as a “Learning Partner of the week” and they will receive a certificate linked to the learning power “being engaged.”


Each week the children will be given weekly spellings in a yellow book, which will need to be practised at home.
The children will have a homework book with a “Homework Activities Grid” for each term full of exciting activities for them to choose from. They are expected to do one of these activities a week but if they want to do more then they can!
We will stick the current times times table your child is currently working on at the back of their book so you can keep supporting them.
Furthermore, children are expected to read with an adult EVERY night.
The homework will be given out every Friday and must be returned every Wednesday.
The homework book is marked with a star stamper.
X1 star is good and equals one house point.
X2 stars is great and equals two house points.
X3 stars is fabulous and equals three house points.


Year 2 Curriculum Information - Term 2


Year 2 Curriculum Information - Term 1

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